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Enjoy the scenery, feel a little thrill, and learn about history and culture while taking in the abundant nature of Yaese Town!

Horohoro Forest Promenade Trekking with a Yaese Town Guide!

This forest is a precious place filled with life, home to more than 100 species of wild-growing plants and numerous creatures to be seen along a promenade only 600 meters in length.
Hear the soothing sound of swaying grass and trees and the crashing of the waves approaching as you take a stroll in the breeze...
You can walk from the forest directly to the sea.

Hanterban Forest Trekking Tour

In the Okinawan dialect, Hanterban is the word for “danger”, and Ban means “cliff”. This trekking tour offers spectacular views of both the sky and underground labyrinths. This tour is held in the Gushikami Tatana Rift Zone, the largest karst landform in Japan, with a labyrinthine series of rock crevices up to 12 meters in depth, which attracts visitors both from throughout Japan and around the world.

Tropical Karst

Yaese History Tour

This tour allows you to see the ruins of a medieval castle and a Fisher ruins by the Minatogawa people of the Paleolithic Age.
This tour will show you the historic sites and spectacular scenery that Yaese has to offer.

Independent Shisa Statue Discovery Course

This map shows the locations of the stone lion statues throughout the town.
Please come and see the largest and oldest stone lion statues in all of Okinawa Prefecture!

Overview of Yaese Town


Yaese Town is located in the south of the main island of Okinawa Prefecture. It has an area of 6.6 km from east to west and 9.1 km from north to south, and a total area of 26.96 km2.
Yaese is bordered by Nanjo City to the east, Itoman City to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the south, and Haebaru Town and Tomigusuku City to the north.
Yaese is also in close proximity to the prefectural capital of Naha City, with the northern edge of the town about 4.7 km from the Okinawa Prefectural Government Office, and Yaese Town Hall (main office building) about 7 km away, easily accessible via National Route 331 running east to west, and National Route 507 running north to south.

【Birth of Yaese Town】

Yaese Town was established on January 1, 2006 with the merger of Kochinda Town and Gushikami Village.
Kochinda Town and Gushikami Village were established as the villages of Kochinda and Gushikami in 1908 in accordance with the Okinawa Prefecture Island Town and Village System, and developed their own unique histories.

Official flower: Marigold
Official tree: Black Ebony
Official flowering tree: Bellflower Cherry
Official fish: Flying Fish

Access Information

Getting to Yaese Town From Naha Airport to Yaese Town Tourism & Industry Association

<Arriving by car or taxi>

Time required: approx. 35 minutes. (*May vary depending on traffic conditions.)

<Arriving by bus>

(1) From Naha Airport, take the Yui Rail monorail to Naha Bus Terminal. Board at Naha Airport Station → Get off at Asahibashi Station
(2) From Asahibashi Station, walk to Naha Bus Terminal.
Naha Bus Terminal is located on the first floor of the Naha OPA shopping center.
Look overhead for the “Naha OPA” sign.
(3) From Naha Bus Terminal to Yaese Town Tourism & Industry Association
At Naha Bus Terminal, take Ryukyu Bus No. 50 → Get off at Gushikami Bus Stop Time required: approx. 53 minutes (*estimated)